Woocommerce Development

We're all know WordPress could be customized to any type of website, for any purpose because of its flexible scripts and huge API library. But, that's a different story if you want to build an online store. It's not just a good-looking frontend, you still need to control over your store, from taxes to stock levels to customer accounts. Luckily, Woocommerce may helps us solve all those problems, with very powerful tool and completely free.

What does Woocommerce have?

  • Able to create tangible product, product with attribute, affiliate or digital product.
  • Support all major payment method like Credit card, Paypal, Cash or COD. Even more if you install Woocommerce payment plugins.
  • Able to count tax for single product or invoice.
  • Delivery shipping counter, based on weight, size, distance,...
  • Professional dashboard for product administration, smart product filters.
  • Have lots of supporting theme & extensions.
  • And many more functions...

So, with those fearures, Woocommerce could be the first choice for anyone who are using WordPress and need to open  an online shop, then let their customers buy their products fast and convenient.

What would you learn in this series?

You will know how to control Woocommerce plugin by dig into its functions, and then use those functions to customize your store with your ideas.

You will get some trick to use Woocommerece easier, and more than that, you will understand how to use some important extensions to add awesome functions to your online store.

Last, you will understand and know how to use hook, template structure for advance theme development.


Before doing this, you may take time to understand how to play with WordPress, get to know how does it run and it would be better if you have knowledge on WordPress development - at basic level.

If you have time, please read my previous posts for understanding how action hook and filter hook works. It will be easier for you get into advance level of Woocommerce theme development.


Woocommerce now is the number one choice for e-commerce platform on Wordrpress. If you're using WordPress and having a plan to open a simple store, this is the plugin that I will recommend you. It saves you a lot of works and you don't have to worry about a shop script to help you sell online anymore.