Introducing W3 Total Cache Settings

What is “W3 Total Cache”

W3 Total Cache is a speed optimization plugin which can improve your visitor’s experience by increasing the speed of your WordPress site. It is among the most famous and widely used cache plugins for WordPress sites. This post covers all aspects related to w3 total cache regarding the importance of cache plugins, alternatives, properly configuring W3 Total Cache settings for maximum web page optimization. By the end of the post, your site will be much faster than earlier.

Why Do I Need A Cache Plugin & Why Website Speed Is So Important?

You need a cache plugin to increase your website speed. The speed of the website is essential for a better experience for visitors and SERP. Search Engines like Google measure the website’s speed in ranking it in search results. A faster website is more likely to rank above the slow site. Although site speed is not the only factor for the ranking but surely it is among the important ones. Here

What are other alternatives to W3TC?

If you want to try the other cache plugins before using W3TC, here are some real alternatives:

Why W3TC is best among all cache plugins?

  1. As stated by W3TC team, w3 total cache plugin can increase your site speed up to ten times.
  2. Used by many big companies like,,
  3. Recommended by many hosting companies including Host Gator, Media Temple.
  4. Offers so many features in a single window like page cache, browser cache, minify which others plugins do not provide.
  5. Most importantly, when I personally used both WP super cache & w3 total cache, my site’s speed was much faster with w3 total cache.

Installing W3 Total Cache

(Uninstall other cache plugin if you have one installed earlier)

Install w3 total cache the same way as you install other WordPress plugins. Download the plugin, upload it and activate it. Anyhow if you do not know, here are the quick steps:
1). Download the plugin
2). Upload it through : Plugins -> Add New -> Upload -> Choose File -> Install.
3). Activate the plugin : Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> Activate (w3 total cache).

W3 total cache configuration could be a bit confusing if you are a WordPress beginner or using this plugin for the first time. Please drop me a message for XML/PHP File containing all the w3 total cache settings or checkout next post for details on each section.